Thursday, March 8, 2007

Develop The Winning Entrepreneur Mindset

People are so impatient nowadays. Fast, faster, fastest... instant gratification is the name of the game. They want overnight success ("before breakfast" preferably!). But that is simply not part of building a business from scratch. A real business takes time and effort.

Yes, even online ones. So many Netrepreneurs somehow think that the Internet suspends fundamental laws of the business world. While building a business online does involve less risk (you don't have to mortgage your house!), it still takes real "sweat equity" to build a business that generates long-term, evergrowing profits.

Elad Shippony, a successful SBIer, says it so well in this 1-minute video.

Even seasoned business people succumb to "the lure of the speed of the Web"...

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