Thursday, March 15, 2007

mama, Increase your conversion rates now...

Subject: Increase your conversion rates now...

Did you know that most internet browsers spend less than
ten seconds viewing a site before moving onto the next site?

It's not much time is it? So to increase the conversion rate
of your web site, it's imperative that you catch your
prospect's attention so they stay at your site longer and
purchase your products and services.

Easier said than done? Not at all... Not now that the Web
Multimedia Toolkit is avaialable.

Take a look here:

Web MultiMedia Toolkit

Simply put, the new Web Multimedia Toolkit provides you
with everything you need to successfully translate your
prospects into satisfied customers.

It comes complete with several income-boosting modules such

:: Web Photo Seeker
This makes the task of finding quality, royalty free
graphics a cinch. In no time at all, you can add quality
photographs to your site to give it a professional look that
your prospects will remember.

:: Web Photo Resizer
Imagine being able to resize large photos to the pixel size
that you desire in just a few seconds? Now you can in a

:: Instant ScreeCam & VideoCam Video Creators
Instantly build trust and credibility by explaining what
your prospects need to know with videos. Our program makes
it very easy to create streaming video recorded by web cam
to your site or to capture screen activity in tutorial style
for demos. You can also create HTML embedded flash
presentations with just a few clicks.

:: Web Audio Plus
Now you can record audio directly from a microphone
connected to your PC and add it to your web page quickly and

:: Special Bonus - Video & Audio Streamers
You can use this special bonus on existing video and audio
files to make them compatible with your web page. This makes
them "stream" instead of becoming an annoying download for
your prospects to download to listen to.

That's five good reasons to try out this superb toolkit.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, don't miss
this must-have resource. You'll be shocked when you see just
how affordable it is.

Click this link to try out the demo:

Web MultiMedia Toolkit

To your success,

Ales Orlic

PS: The toolkit is covered by our full 30 day money back
guarantee, so you can take a full 30 days *risk free* to see
just how much this will transform your conversion rate.

Make 2007 your most profitable year yet...

Web MultiMedia Toolkit

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