Monday, March 12, 2007

More Traffic Does Not Necessarily Equal More Profits

By Alan Reece
The Software Gold Club

I see it all the time...

One marketer will only get a handful of visitors to his site per day. The other will work really hard to get hundreds of visitors daily. Six months later, the first marketer will be earning a nice monthly income from his handful of daily visitors while the other marketer will still be struggling to get more "unique" visitors to his site while making very little money, if any.

A great traffic-generation model linked to a poor profit-generation model leads to failure.

If you want to make money from= your site, you have to understand this...

The site that gets the most traffic does not necessarily make the most money!

The site that is able to turn traffic into subscribers and buyers usually does well.

And the site that can turn traffic into repeat buyers always comes out a winner!

Getting traffic to your site is only the first step. Once it gets there, you need to have a powerful direct response sales message ready to take orders or add subscribers to your list. Otherwise, all your efforts will go to waste.

You see, while most marketers are only focused on finding new customers or getting more unique visitors to their site, the smart marketers are also consistently working on getting their existing customers/prospects to buy more often. And maybe even buy much higher ticket items.

Getting an existing customer to buy again is much easier to do than getting a stranger to buy from you for the very first time.
So, all the extra traffic you get to your site will not make any difference to your bottom line unless you work on turning these strangers into "trusting, repeat buyers."

An important point about profits...

Over the years, I've noticed that many of the individuals who make good profits consistently are those who charge a monthly, recurring fee. This can either be in the form of a monthly access fee to a product-based membership site or it can be a service that requires a monthly payment (for example, a hosting service, Internet access, advertising service, and so on.) Basically anything that creates a residual income source.

It also takes much less effort to make a profit using this system because, again, you're selling to an existing customer who has already willingly paid for that product or service. Instead of having to sell to the customer every month, all you have to do is keep providing a good product and service.
If you can find a way to provide a product or service that charges a monthly fee - even if it's just a few bucks a month - you can really begin to maximize your profits from the traffic stream that comes your way.

A predictable monthly fee, even as small as 9 bucks per month, is a lot better than a "probable" sale of $27, 2 or 3 times per year. Start using bigger numbers and you'll really see big differences.

Oh, by the way, this monthly access product or service does not necessarily have to be your own. You can also join a dependable affiliate program and just as easily earn a monthly residual income.

The Software Gold Club is a great example of such a site. Paying $20 per month commissions on every member you recruit, just for sending visitors to the sales page. For details, please visit

Incidentally if you're considering setting up your own membership site to generate residual monthly commissions, you may be interested in this excellent ebook on the subject - please visit

Another great way to generate regular sales and to keep customers interested in your business is to bring out new products regularly, preferably every month.

Until recently this meant an awful lot of work, but over the past year, this has changed dramatically. There are now many private label sites providing ready made new products every month for a small membership fee.

This gives you a constant stream of new products to promote to existing customers. Using this strategy, you can capitalize on your customer base with a= large and expanding range of products.

Some of the best sites for private label products are...

Software Gold Club - Private Label Software


Although= most of the rest of this course will focus on generating traffic, I wanted to start off by explaining the importance of maximizing the profit from the traffic you get.

To finish off, here are two valuable strategies that you must adopt if you want to maximize these profits...

1. Capture email addresses of visitors to your site and mail them regularly. Most people will not buy the first time they visit a site, particularly if they've come from a search engine. By capturing their email address you get to remind them about your offers and to build credibility that will ultimately encourage them to trust you enough to spend money with you.

2. It's much easier to sell to repeat buyers than to get new customers. This means either a membership site (your own or promoting someone else�s) or regular new products (most easily done by private labeling products from someone else's membership site).

Adopting these two strategies will make a huge= difference to the value you get from each website visitor.

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