Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You get 18 million ads as soon as you join this free program!

Members of this program get to submit 100 ads to 180,278 FFA and classified sites, every single day, totally free of charge.

That's a grand total of 18 million ads, and they're available to you immediately as soon as you join! There's no credits to earn, and you don't have to get anyone to join to get them! What's more, you can come back every day and submit another 18 million ads! And you're guaranteed to get no junk mail from these submissions.

You also get all the tools you need to put your ad in front of thousands, even millions of people — free! And get thousands of free visitors to your website!

In total, you get two ways to get millions of free ads and free traffic to your site...

  • You get to submit 18 million ads every day
  • You get your ad on your sign-up page

As soon as you join, you get a sign-up page just like this one. Your sign-up page displays your ad at the top of the blue bar on the left-hand side of the page. If you take a look at the blue bar you'll see my ad in the #1 slot.

If you join this program, my ad will be moved down to the #2 slot and your ad will be placed at the top.

When you get someone to join, they'll get their own sign-up page and it will display their ad in the #1 slot. Your ad will be moved down to the #2 slot, and my ad will drop to the #3 slot.

Getting people to join this program is easy. After all, it's free...and you get to promote their site with 18 million ads as soon as you join. This generous offer is simply too good for most people to resist.

Now imagine that you got 25 people to join. Your ad will appear in the #2 slot on all 25 of their sign-up pages. That's 25 totally free ads that are fixed in place permanently.

I get my ad in the #3 slot on every single one of those sign-up pages, and I didn't have to do anything to get them other than recruiting you.

Now imagine that each of your recruits gets 25 people to join. That's 625 new members into the program. Your ad appears in the #3 poisition on all 625 sign-up pages, and you didn't have to do a thing to get them! My ad appears in the #4 slot on all 625 sign-up pages, and I didn't have to do a thing to get them.

That's the power of viral marketing. You get a few people to join, then they get a few people to join, and those people get a few to join, and before you know it you have millions of free ads all promoting your website.

Here's an example that shows how your viral ad network grows if everybody recruits an average of just 25 people...

You recruit 25: You get 25 ads in slot #2

The 25 recruit 25 each: You get 625 ads in slot 3

The 625 recruit 25 each: You get 15,625 ads in slot 4

The 15,625 recruit 25 each: You get 390,625 ads in slot 5

The 390,625 recruit 25 each: You get 9,765,625 ads in slot 6

In total, this delivers a massive 10,172,525 ads starting with just 25 people!

All you need to do to join is click the link below and fill out the form and confirm your email address. It's that easy! You're then seconds away from getting an instant 18 million free ads!

Click here and join now!

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