Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So what is my MLM doing for me?

When I decided to give online MLM a try I had 3 main reasons:

To work from home

To have more free time

To break free from the income = outgoing situation

So, how's it going I hear you ask? In my last blog I said that we aren't millionaires yet which is true and in fact I haven't yet replaced all my earned income.

However, I do now work from home in my own time and I can't tell you how great it is to be able to do that. I can walk my own dog instead of having to pay a dog walker and when I have had enough I can just switch my computer off and go do something else.

This weekend is a great example. When I had a job I would rush round Saturday morning to get the washing and housework done. Then I would take my dog out for a quick walk before sitting down to marking assignments/preparing teaching sessions/completing paperwork/writing detailed feedback/grading work etc etc etc....

In order to keep up with the expectations of my job as a lecturer most of my weekend would be spent on work.

Now Friday night is the official start of our family weekend. No work, just quality time spent with my kids, my husband and even our dog who gets longer walks and more sticks thrown for her!

So you see, at the end of the day it is not the product or the commission plan that is the most important thing in MLM. Rather it is the freedom it gives you to work from home in your own time. Many of our expenses have gone simply by me being around more - no more paying childminders to pick my kids up from school, no more paying the dog walker etc

Plus having more time has allowed me to develop more in many areas of my life. Before my life was so crowded with deadlines/targets/meetings etc that I had no time to read and had, in fact, began to mentally stagnate.

Now I have had chance to read great books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and One Minute Millionaire. I have actually invested some of our saving and bought stocks and shares for the first time.

It is still very esaly days for us in our MLM (we have only been actively building our business since January this year) but already it has given me freedom to leave my job. More importantly it has given me the space to think and grow as a person once more. I am now learning about investments and making my money grow so that me and my family will never be dependent on income from jobs again in the future.

This opportunity is there for anyone and I will gladly help anybody who wants to join us on the same path. Think what you could do with your life if all your time and energy did not have to be spent on your job - what would you rather be doing instead?

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