Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home Business Selling Jewelry

Are accessories your passion? Do you have excellent taste in design and color? Consider starting a home business selling jewelry.

When developing a merchandising concept for your home business selling jewelry, you must first select your target audience. Prospective customers can range from teenagers who prefer cutting-edge unique jewelry to older woman who only purchase traditional, plain accessories to rock and roll types who are in search of body jewelry that makes a shocking statement. Though selling a variety of types of jewelry might widen your customer flow, it could be more difficult to out do competitors. Having a home business selling specialty jewelry directed to a certain crowd may allow your company to stand out from the rest.

Stocking up on sales items is the second task that must be conquered. Perhaps you are talented enough to produce your own jewelry. If the talent just isn’t there, learning the craft can be as simple as taking an art class that focuses on design or acting as an apprentice for an experienced jewelry maker.

Or maybe you’d rather be an entrepreneur than a designer or creator. In that case, unique and non-commercial jewelry can be tracked down in the least likely of places such as garage sales, church rummages, second-hand stores, antique shops, and unwanted items from friends and family. Preserve the items you’ve collected as is, or add a more eccentric look by applying creative components or touch up faded painted areas. Most importantly, the jewelry should appear clean, polished and shiny.

While most of your inventory preparation is done at home, you may have to branch out into the public to showcase your items. Transform your garage or enclosed porch into a sales floor, rent booths at craft fairs or carnivals to reach a variety of customers, sell door-to-door, print up a catalog featuring jewelry items and distribute them in businesses, neighbors and through the mail.

If you choose to construct your own products for your home business selling jewelry, your career will constantly keep you busy by filling orders, replacing sold pieces and coming up with new and improved ideas. For those who buy and sell, you will always be on the move hunting down inventory, holding out for the best eye-catching jewelry that will increase your sales.

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