Saturday, March 17, 2007

How you can use SFI to becaome Rich...And soon!

Learn how you can easily have a $10K business with SFI.

This business plan is on the level!
It's true and honest, and it works!

Here's the intended use of the plan.

First of all,
you need to agree to the plan and follow it every day.
And then,
you must show the plan continuously to every affiliate
you sponsor to get the committed ones to follow the plan, too.

To become very wealthy with the SFI Marketing Group,
do this (just these 3 simple things).

1) Remain an Executive Affiliate/EA every month.
Retail sales or Purchases - it doesn't matter how you stay EA.

GOAL: To maximize your SFI benefits and income potential.

2) Produce at least one new EA every month.
It's your choice how you market SFI to accomplish this.

GOAL: To rapidly grow your sales team and earn bonuses/residuals.

3) Make sure every Affiliate you sponsor knows this!
Tell them these 3 things as often as it takes until they understand this business plan and DO IT.

To show leadership, duplication, and your business plan.

These 3 things are essential to the plan and your success.

If you do these things,
and every committed affiliate on your sales team does them,
then each of you will become very wealthy, very soon.


Failure to do any of these 3 things will cause the plan to fail.

Number 3 is crucial!
Vital to the plan, it's an excellent way to accomplish Number 2.

But it all begins with Number 1.
Until you become EA your income is limited to
only your retail sales and NOC/UBC promotion.
No sponsoring.
No extra resources.
No team network.
No bonuses or residuals.
EA is where the big money is... for YOU - Click Here

Here Gery Carson gives you...
4 Ways To Increase Your Commission Check

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Business Builders Bonus program

Team Leader Co-op
Contact Manager
New Affiliate Guide and Home Business Revolution mailers

Details that show you how...
A $10,000 Per Month SFI Business In 1 Year Is Possible
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Focus 80% of your time on prospecting and 20% of your time on support helping those that want to move ahead.


Learn to be as creative as possible in the "offer" you make to your prospects when you ask them to become active in their own business.

The question to ask yourself is "What can I provide folks, at low or no cost to me, to entice them to become Affiliates and then proceed to become active?".

You'll find that the most successful Affiliates in this business ask this question or something like it!

Who's making the BIG Money in SFI? Executive Affiliates!

Here's Why (and how you can become an Executive Affiliate today!)

Doing SFI Is Really Simple!

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